Sunday, February 15, 2009

From Farm to Battlefield

Last weekend we took the kids to Dudley Farm where they were having their annual plow the field by horses festival! People all the way from New York bring their big Belgian horses down to help plow the field for planting. It was really cool to see and the kids had a lot of fun!

The kids loved this gigantic turkey! They even got to feed it later.

They had fun children's games for them to play. Becca liked this feed the chickens game.
Link liked this one where you put the walnut on your spoon and try not to drop it!
Becca finally got the hang of it too!

Yesterday we went to Olustee for their annual Reenactment of the Civil War. It was rainy but we have learned to never let that stop us in Florida. It was well worth it, wet and all. They had tents up and camps and the battle was really cool! I never realized how foggy it gets with all the black powder going off. Its called the fog of war, Seth informed me. I have heard that but its quite something else to actually see it and wonder how you can do battle in it.

Here come the calvary! And notice that you can't see much past them.

Here was the Union side.
And here was the Confederate side! It was amazing to see how many people volunteer to reenact this war. Clearly there were way more people on the confederate side! You can even see a fallen soldier off his horse there on the ground. They stayed there the whole time lying in the rain pretending to be dead!
I love my husband who finds the coolest things for us to do!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Medieval Faire

A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids to the annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. They absolutely loved it! We started out at the witches tent where they had bubbles to blow and magic tricks they preformed.
Then the kids got to meet the King and Queen of the fair. They actually remembered Link from last year.

The King asked if he wanted to be a knight in his service. Link said yes and as you can see he even dressed the part. He wore his knight costume from Halloween.
Lincoln knelt down and the King knighted him Sir Lincoln!

Not only was he now Sir Lincoln, but shortly thereafter he got to ride an actual elephant!!

Becca got her turn on the ponies. I want you to notice how my hand is on her leg in this and the next picture, making sure she is steady and doesn't fall.

Not long into the ride however and she made me take my hand away wanting to do it all by herself!

The great event of the day was the jousting match by the knights. Here is the emcee, a Scotsman, announcing our heroes.
Our knight won the tournament! If we end up staying here, we are definitely making this a yearly affair!