Thursday, December 3, 2009

My LIttle Native American

Linc made an Indian costume at school and got to wear it home and show it off to us for the camera.

Modern Indian dance moves.

Ella dancing.

We went to Bass Pro shops to check out all their festivities. Here Linc is posing like the reindeer behind him.

If only.

On a walk we look last weekend Beks found this huge leaf. Bigger than her head!

And here is the beautiful river that winds all around Nashville.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Linc's Bed

For Lincolns birthday and christmas present, Papa and Amma Bryant got him a new bed! He loves it and now sleeps better than ever. Seriously he was getting up at 5:30 in the morning and once he got the new big bed he hasn't got up that early since. It would also help if they didn't do daylight savings, that always throws their sleeping schedule off.

Here is his McQueen bed.

My mom asked why I didn't have anything new on the blog and I said it was because we didn't do anything crazy this weekend besides stain our deck (which doesn't make for very exciting pictures). She said to just take pictures of the kiddos playing. So these are for you mom!

Here they are playing together in their room.

Crazy Lincoln face!

Linc and Bekah like to jump on his bed.

Bekah dressed for church.

Dancing with daddy.

We also woke up this morning to deer in our backyard.

That is all she wrote. Happy Thanksgiving this week to everyone.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Day for the Dead

Halloween was a fun day for us. We started out by going to the most beautiful cemetery we have ever seen. It is called the Mount Olivet Cemetery. Everyday I drive Seth to school I pass it and have always wondered what it looks like. You only get to see a slim view from the road as it sits on top of a big hill. So we decided to check it out. Between the awesome grave markers and all the trees turning colors, it was amazing! And Halloween was the perfect day to go and honor the dead!

There were so many huge mausoleums all over the cemetery like these ones.

This is for Sue as her maiden name is Marshall like on this fancy grave marker.

Lincoln even found his name!

There were a lot of interesting things there. This grave marker mentions how this woman was a faithful servant for three generations and this is the size of her marker.

This is the family's she worked for grave marker.

Cute angel statue the kids liked.

The cemetery started when some women wanted to have a place to honor and bury those confederate soldiers who had died during the civil war. This is the monument for them.

This was the resting place of one of the richest families in Nashville. Their Belmont Mansion is a great tourist place here as well.

Can it get any prettier?

This is the way Linc likes to walk around when he wears this hat!

We then came home and carved pumpkins.

Linc liked getting all slimy.

Bekah wouldn't touch it!

The kids drew the faces and we carved them out.

And here are their costumes.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Geese Fest

We went to a local park and pond and fed some of the geese and ducks there. The kids had fun but the geese seemed to enjoy it even more. They were fearless.

The ducks hung back as the geese were so big and mean.

Those geese would take it right out of Bekah's hands.

The horde followed us for awhile until it realized we had no more bread.

We then went to play at the park which has the biggest slide ever! Linc loves this slide and just goes down it over and over again until we tell him we have to go. He doesn't even seem to tire climbing up all those stairs!

Bekah went down the big slide once but preferred this one instead. I don't blame her.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Creek Falls

We drove to Fall Creek Falls last weekend and had a great time driving through the beautiful winding, fall colored roads. Nothing says fall like Tennessee!

Fall Creek Falls.

We hiked down the very rocky trail to the bottom of the falls. Linc did so well walking down the trail. He only needed to be carried about half the time. That is good for him!
Bekah required more holding.
Here you can see how steep and rocky the trail was.

Finally made it to the bottom.

Looking up the falls.

There was a lot of mist in the air from the water so we found Linc like this.
And here is his Alex the Lion impression. Up happy, down sad.

Hiking back up.

And a good rest at the top.

As we left a fine fog was seeping over the forest. So pretty.

Bekah likes to wear her glasses upside down for some reason.

I found Linc the other day like this!!! He had gotten into a box of princess dress-up clothes a friend from church had given Bekah! So cute Linc! I love that he still maintains some of his manliness by having his shirt off!