Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Happenings

January was a cold and snowy month for us here in Tennessee. The kids got to miss out on a whole weeks worth of school although, ironically, the snow did not last that long! Our sweet Ella Bekah also had her 4th birthday last week and of course it was celebrated by going to the kids' favorite Chuck-e-Cheese.

Lincoln's favorite thing to do in the snow is throw snowballs at everyone.

We actually had enough snow to make a snowman this year!

Lincoln and Bekah's favorite toy for the month was this box. They would just spend hours playing together in there.

Never did you see better friends. They got into Lincolns bed and watched each other play their leapfrog while eating popcorn.

Our little sweetheart turned 4 this year! Hard to believe she has gotten so big.

All she wanted was a white cake with lots and lots of sprinkles on top!

She loves her purse from Grandma Joyce. She even hangs it up with my purse!

And or course thank you to cousins Lexi and Brynn for picking out the Littlest Pet Shop toy for Ella. You know she loves her animals. Thanks guys!

And I didn't get a good shot of Alphie the robot but thanks to Amma and Papa and Auntie Annie for that. It has provided lots of fun entertainment.

Happy Birthday sweet little Beks! Never was there such a girl as you. Daddy, Mommy and Lincoln all love you so much.