Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to Independence, Beach

I made it back from the Restorations Studies Symposium, and loved every bit of it. Met several persons with similar backgrounds, as well as a handful of apostles--three from the Community of Christ, and two others from the various churches around Independence (their are over 100 churches which trace their authority and message to Joseph Smith Jr.). I also met Becky Savage, a member of the Community of Christ First Presidency, and saw Fred Larsen, President/Prophet of the Remnant LDS Church and descendant of the Smith family.

Although it was bitter cold, Jackson County was still beautiful in its own way. I do question God on Zion being anywhere so frigid after basking in Florida's warmth.

In case you aren't familiar with it, the above picture is of the Temple. Below are two of the stained-glass windows from inside of the Stone Church, built by Joseph Smith III in the late-19th century.

Having recovered from my trip, and needing a break before Finals enters its death roll, yesterday we traveled to Daytona Beach, hoping that going a little further south would warm things up. The water was still a little cold, but the sun was hot and the kids had a blast playing in the sand.
Lincoln managed to avoid eating any sand this time; Ella, however, did not. I'm sure it will be helpful in encouraging peristalsis, like bran on steroids.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Spring

Seeing as Seth is in Independence this weekend, I thought I would add some more pictures on the blog of our cute little kids. Seth took the camera with him so he should have fun pictures when he gets back!

Spring has come and gone now in Florida. It lasted a couple of weeks and now we are in the 80's all over again. I can't complain though as we had a great winter! If you can even call it that here; wouldn't seem fair too with family and friends in Utah! Nonetheless it is over and now the flowers are blooming and its hot weather. Hopefully when we come out to Utah in a month we can relive a little bit of spring all over again.

Here are the cute pictures of Ella in her other Easter dress from "Amma" Sue. Link is in his easter outfit as well, a couple weeks late but oh well.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Happy Restoration Day!

OK, it's not a real holiday, but it will be even more special for us because we were finally confirmed this morning. (The original date was on Easter, but Becca got sick and then we were at the retreat last weekend). And this weekend many of our friends and family sustained a new prophet, and so we rejoice with them.

So speaking of April 6th as a significant day for those in the Latter Day Saint movement, I was a little stunned that the authorities in Texas decided to storm the FLDS YFZ Compound just before midnight last night. Talk about bad timing; didn't they do their homework on the worst time possible, after jailing the Prophet and stealing all the children, to bust into a fundamentalist temple?

Next week I'm headed to Independence for a conference on Mormon history, and am very excited to see the Independence Temple. I hope I don't forget my recommend; that would be so like me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter to Retreat

Lincoln got sick over Easter of course so we just have Ella all dressed up in one of the cute dresses "Amma" Bryant got her.

This past weekend we attended a Young Adult retreat at DeerHaven campground with the Community of Christ. It was a wonderful weekend and the kids had lots of friends to play with. The guest speaker was Doug Pagitt, amazing Christian who gave us all some great things to think about. Linda Booth, member of the First Presidency was there as well. Seth and I ended up sitting in a little circle with her and a few others discussing a chapter in Mark. We were talking with a member of the First Presidency, how cool is that! She stayed for the whole weekend and spent time getting to know everyone there. Don't get that opportunity very often.

We had a great time and below are some pictures of the kids adventures there. Becca just loved playing in the sand(they don't have dirt here) and finding all the new plants and leaves to pick up and play with.

There is a lake here but during the winter months it gets pretty low, but still a pretty place and a fun weekend.