Sunday, April 6, 2008


Happy Restoration Day!

OK, it's not a real holiday, but it will be even more special for us because we were finally confirmed this morning. (The original date was on Easter, but Becca got sick and then we were at the retreat last weekend). And this weekend many of our friends and family sustained a new prophet, and so we rejoice with them.

So speaking of April 6th as a significant day for those in the Latter Day Saint movement, I was a little stunned that the authorities in Texas decided to storm the FLDS YFZ Compound just before midnight last night. Talk about bad timing; didn't they do their homework on the worst time possible, after jailing the Prophet and stealing all the children, to bust into a fundamentalist temple?

Next week I'm headed to Independence for a conference on Mormon history, and am very excited to see the Independence Temple. I hope I don't forget my recommend; that would be so like me.

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Nick Moyes said...

Hey buddy, I found your link thru Tommy's blog. Glad to see you and your's are doing well! :-) Keep in touch!