Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Spring

Seeing as Seth is in Independence this weekend, I thought I would add some more pictures on the blog of our cute little kids. Seth took the camera with him so he should have fun pictures when he gets back!

Spring has come and gone now in Florida. It lasted a couple of weeks and now we are in the 80's all over again. I can't complain though as we had a great winter! If you can even call it that here; wouldn't seem fair too with family and friends in Utah! Nonetheless it is over and now the flowers are blooming and its hot weather. Hopefully when we come out to Utah in a month we can relive a little bit of spring all over again.

Here are the cute pictures of Ella in her other Easter dress from "Amma" Sue. Link is in his easter outfit as well, a couple weeks late but oh well.


The Prices!! . said...

Your kids are adorable Jenn!! I hope you are well, Be careful and don't melt in that heat!

Sarah said...

She looks SO cute in her Easter dress!!

Stewart Family said...

They are beautiful kids!

MARIE said...

Jenn, why is your email not working anymore? since I'm leaving I decided to throw a party for myself... hehe! jk. We're going to the Olive Garden on Thursday at 8pm. You must come! It will be so fun. You could come over to my house and we could carpool. Let me know if you're in. oh ya, and you have to wear your hair like Tracy Turnblad on Hairspray. jk! But seriously I'm just to be a HAM!