Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Chapter

Here is the final installment of the Utah trip. It was a lot of pictures, and a lot of fun! We were glad that we could spend two months there with family and friends.

We went to the Boondocks in Draper with Papa and Amma. It was a lot of fun.
This is the first time that Ella is in pigtails! And the big bandaid on her cheek is from our trip to the movie theater where she fell over the big cut-out of Kung Fu Panda. Apparently her karate skills are not where they need to be!

Here Linc is trying to spray some people on the boats.

Waiting in line for the boats!
I think Papa had the funnest time on these things. He was the terror of the ride, chasing down the little kids and mercilessly spraying them. I mean look at that face, it says it all!

I still don't know how much Linc enjoyed it, but Seth and Papa sure had a lot of fun!

Here we have finally come to the end of a great vacation. The kids were so tired after the plane rides, conking out at the airport between flights! Thanks to all the family and friends that made the stay so wonderful! We miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bryant BBQ

Here are the pictures from the Bryant BBQ. Seth's cousins, aunts, and uncles on both sides of the family came to party with us! It was a lot of fun and good to see everyone again after so long.

The best of cooks, Papa Dan.
Sue, you made me take pictures of the party and so you are the star!!

Yes, Becca is eating her dirty nasty shoe!
There is nothing like dirt to keep the kids entertained!
Especially our little Ella!
And Linc could be found with the cute girls, watching Monsters Inc.

The rest of the pictures are just the kids having fun at Amma's house. Here Becca is wearing one of Amma Sue's shoes and eating a Graham Cracker. She loved Amma's shoes, but only one at a time!

Lincolns face is great! He found a sticker that had come off one of the toys in his pool! Wow!
And lastly here we are in the garden, their favorite place to play. Ella loved all the great mud there!
Next time will feature the last of the pictures from Utah. Its been fun!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Here is pictures from our trip to Yuba. If you are like me and have never heard of Yuba, it's in Utah and it's muddy.

Here is the result, a muddy little girl. We couldn't keep her away from the mud for nothing, so we just let her go and we'd wash her in the lake after.

Seth is starting Lincoln early on the fishing! He loves it!

Here is all of them fishing, or watching others fish.

Beautiful Mike and his umbrella! You look darling!

Never knew an empty beer bottle was so much fun did ya? Becca carried it around forever pouring sand into it. Guess we know what to get her for Christmas!

Doesn't she just look so cute in Amma's hat?
And of course we have to end with Ella and her love for dogs. She would sit there and feed them as long as they would let her.

Next time (yes there are still more) will feature our last BBQ with Seth's family. I"m sure you can't wait!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Last Dance

Here is the second and last batch from up north with my (jenn) family.

Lincoln's other favorite thing to do is dance with Lexi and Brynn! Of course that would usually end up in him pulling them down to the floor and some more wrestling would ensue.

They also like playing on Anne and Jason's piano.

Link, Ella, and their cousins had made these hats one day and Becca preferred wearing it around her neck all day. She loved Grandma's garden and all the cool rocks to throw!

Of course, everytime I take a picture of Becca, Link has to have his picture taken too, so here he is posing for us in all his glory.

Again, the hat around the neck and the lovely badminton racket she like to carry around. What a girl!

Here is cute Abbie-Joy-Joy! We went and saw Janet and Tyler before we left.
And here is all of them. I am taking the picture. I would much rather take the pictures then be in them!
That was our trip up to Layton and my family. I had planned on taking pictures of everyone when we went to Mom's for the last time but of course I forgot. So sorry that there isn't any pictures of Anne, Jason, Papa John, Grandma Joyce, Nate and Drew N' Joahnna. Next time! We love you guys and had a great time seeing you.

Next set is our trip to Yuba with Seth's family.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Link N' Cousins

Before I begin the pictures of our adventures with my family, I just wanted to say a little about our fourth of July. The university for whatever reason has their fireworks on the night of the third, so we went to that. They have live bands play and the kids had fun dancing to the music. They of course loved the fireworks as well.

On the Fourth we went to a parade in the little town of Micanopy. The parade consisted mainly of people running for office, horses, old cars and tractors. That was about it but it went on a long time and the people were nice and friendly and Link made out with more candy than he gets at Halloween! We then took off for Cedar Key, a little fishing town on the Gulf Coast for their annual Clamerica Clam Festival. I personally had never had clams before so we got to get a plate of steamed ones and Link actually liked them. They were pretty good. They also had a nice beachy area to play in the ocean, and a playground for the kids. It was a fun time. When we came home we lit off some of our fireworks and Becca ooohed and aaahed at all the right places. That was our Fourth.

So now for the pictures of when we stayed with my parents and played with Link and Ella's cousins. They had so much fun playing with them that Link still asks to go and see Connor, Riley, Lexi, Brynn and Trevor in that order.

Links favorite thing to with with his cousins was to wrestle!

Cute Brynn

Link loved to swing on the swings. He called this position the Spider-Man. Why not Superman I don't know but he seems to like Spider-Man better.

These next two pictures are one of my favorites. How Link and Connor got so synchronized I will never know but it worked out perfect!

Lincoln tickling baby Abbie Joy Joy as he calls her. He got her to laugh pretty good.

That is the end of that. The other half of our trip to Layton will be aired shortly.