Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Chapter

Here is the final installment of the Utah trip. It was a lot of pictures, and a lot of fun! We were glad that we could spend two months there with family and friends.

We went to the Boondocks in Draper with Papa and Amma. It was a lot of fun.
This is the first time that Ella is in pigtails! And the big bandaid on her cheek is from our trip to the movie theater where she fell over the big cut-out of Kung Fu Panda. Apparently her karate skills are not where they need to be!

Here Linc is trying to spray some people on the boats.

Waiting in line for the boats!
I think Papa had the funnest time on these things. He was the terror of the ride, chasing down the little kids and mercilessly spraying them. I mean look at that face, it says it all!

I still don't know how much Linc enjoyed it, but Seth and Papa sure had a lot of fun!

Here we have finally come to the end of a great vacation. The kids were so tired after the plane rides, conking out at the airport between flights! Thanks to all the family and friends that made the stay so wonderful! We miss you all and hope to see you soon!


Tom and Alison said...

We love how Linc looks so bored on the boat, and that Dan and Seth are totally enthralled (Dan has quite a malevolent look on his face!).

- Tom and Ali

Stewart Family said...

I am sorry we missed you guys. Looks like you had a lot of fun