Saturday, August 2, 2008


We finally made it to the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens a couple weeks ago. It is only a few blocks down from our apartment and we had always been meaning to go. We finally did. It was beautiful. The kids had fun running around and seeing all the waterfalls and plants.

Rocks, a kids favorite toy! Well my kids anyway. We were even in the Butterfly Garden with lots of them floating around and all they wanted was to play with the rocks!
And these are their famous lily pads that get monstrous. Last year they had some that were 8 feet across! Apparently Lincoln thinks they stink.

This is Florida for you! Green, beautiful and swampy.

One of the cool flowers they have there.

This was the Herb Garden, they had every herb you could think of and more. They also had little plaques that told what every herb was good for. Really interesting, of course Ella tried to walk all over them!
This was the Bamboo Garden. It was so cool, you walk through a tunnel of Bamboo and Buddha is there to greet you in the middle.


Tom and Alison said...

Hey you guys, nice pics, that place is gorgeous! Those lily pads are crazy, and I love the picture of that awesome flower! I never seen such a strange/interesting looking flower before, it looks likes something you'd imagine being for some alien planet. Also, the picture of the Buddha statue in the middle of the bamboo forest is way cool. I know how you feel about your kids being more interested in playing with rocks, even when you're surrounded by a veritable paradise, Tom is the exact same way. When we were in Kauai and Florida, that's all he wanted to do. I had to keep trying to redirect his attention to all the beautiful things around us! =-) (J/K LOL)


The Prices!! . said...

That is the coolest flower I have ever seen. What Fun!!

Stewart Family said...

Looks like an awesome place to visit. I wish we had a little more green around here sometimes, well a lot of times!