Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last days of Summer

We found a cool little park that had some fountains to play in a couple of saturdays ago. The kids had lots of fun running through the water and then we did some fishing by the river. A good way to spend the last weekend before school started.

It took Bekah a little while to warm up to running through the water but she did it and loved it.

Lincoln taking a breather.

Walking to the river for some fishing.

The pylons on this bridge were built during the Civil War era. There were actually quite a few battles that happened in Nashville.

Our little Ella on her first day of pre-school! She picked out her own clothes, had her Dora backpack, her Tinkerbell lunchbox and was ready to go!

And here is Lincoln on his first day of First Grade! Our kids are getting so big!

It was a fantastic summer but the kids are happy to be in school again. Lincoln just loves it and Bekah is getting used to it. Seth starts next week and then I start the week after. Should be a busy year but lots of fun!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day at the Lake

We went to Montgomery Bell State Park last weekend. We rented a boat, went fishing and swam in the lake. Such a fun place to go for the summer. I only took pictures on the boat however so enjoy.

Daddy getting his pole ready. He got two beautiful blue-gill fish!

The kids favorite thing to do is play with sticks in the water.

The kids start school next week and that will be the end of a great summer this year! It has been a trip!