Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It All Started...

It all started when Andrea, for reasons known only to herself, decided to put Lincolns pants on his head instead of his legs.
As you can see from the next pictures, he hasn't quite gotten over that. These two were taken when he was around a year and a half.

These next ones were taken a couple of days ago. Some things never change.
They are the best of friends when eating their popsicles or sussicles as Linc calls it.

How cute is that, reading books together. Linc definitely got Becca into reading.

And lastly, not for the faint of heart, is Seth's beautiful flounder he caught in Tampa Bay! He filleted it for us and it was pretty tasty!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pudding Paint

We had pudding the other day and I decided to take pictures of Ella as she would progressively get messier and messier. It might have helped that she decided to eat with two spoons instead of one!

It was all down the front of her shirt and pants, in her hair and she painted the table with it. In their sunday school class at church, their teacher brought vanilla pudding she would dye so they could paint pictures. It actually works really well, just not when you are at home trying to get them to eat the pudding!
Linc hopped into his toy bin and Becca started to push him around. Seems a little backwards that the younger and smaller one is pushing the bigger and older one!

But here is what happens when they do, Linc ends up tipped over on the floor!
Here he is inside his toy bin with all the toys in it!
Becca loves to ride their rocking horse.

And here is Lincolns version of riding their rocking horse!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


We finally made it to the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens a couple weeks ago. It is only a few blocks down from our apartment and we had always been meaning to go. We finally did. It was beautiful. The kids had fun running around and seeing all the waterfalls and plants.

Rocks, a kids favorite toy! Well my kids anyway. We were even in the Butterfly Garden with lots of them floating around and all they wanted was to play with the rocks!
And these are their famous lily pads that get monstrous. Last year they had some that were 8 feet across! Apparently Lincoln thinks they stink.

This is Florida for you! Green, beautiful and swampy.

One of the cool flowers they have there.

This was the Herb Garden, they had every herb you could think of and more. They also had little plaques that told what every herb was good for. Really interesting, of course Ella tried to walk all over them!
This was the Bamboo Garden. It was so cool, you walk through a tunnel of Bamboo and Buddha is there to greet you in the middle.