Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It All Started...

It all started when Andrea, for reasons known only to herself, decided to put Lincolns pants on his head instead of his legs.
As you can see from the next pictures, he hasn't quite gotten over that. These two were taken when he was around a year and a half.

These next ones were taken a couple of days ago. Some things never change.
They are the best of friends when eating their popsicles or sussicles as Linc calls it.

How cute is that, reading books together. Linc definitely got Becca into reading.

And lastly, not for the faint of heart, is Seth's beautiful flounder he caught in Tampa Bay! He filleted it for us and it was pretty tasty!


Tom and Alison said...

What a coincidence, Tom always puts his pants on his head too! it's one of his favorite past times in fact! =-) Also, we love the pics. of the kiddos, they make a great brother-sister team. It's awesome that they're such good friends. But, the pic. of the flounder is quite gross, we have to say. If I saw it in that form first, I'm not sure I could eat it afterwards. You're one brave chick Jenn. =-)

Ali & Tom

Jenn said...

Tom is starting to sound more and more like my kids with all the crazy stuff he does!! And just so you know, bravery has nothing to do with eating the fish, Seth has made me try lots of crazy things so the flounder was nothing!