Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Madagascar

I thought I had lost my camera after we went to Ice Merry Madagascar. I was so sad and looked everywhere. Then today I was getting out of the car and found it between the seat and the door! I was so excited! So here are the pictures from Ice!

These are the big coats we had to wear and Bekah was not happy about how cold it was.

The Ice was amazing! All of these sculptures are made completely out of blocks of ice. Pretty cool.

Bekah was still really cold and wouldn't look up for the picture.

Lincoln loved it all!

Here are the awesome slides made out of......wait for it..... Ice! In the back there is Lincoln going down first.

We finally talked Bekah into going and she ended up loving it.

And of course the last scene is the manager. It is just so beautiful and so cold!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Fall Fun!

Here we have some pictures from October Fest 2011. It is, despite the beer associations, a great place for the kids to play. They always have free bouncy houses and pony rides. Yes, free! I guess they make all their money from the beer so they can do all the kid stuff for free. Either way its a win win for my kids.

They also got to see their hero SpongeBob SquarePants. Seems a little deflated though, somebody should probably get him some water.

Lincoln has four teeth out so he bought some ice cream with his Tooth Fairy money.

Amma Sue and Papa Dan sent the kids some fun clothes. Bekah likes to be camouflaged with her jacket.

And Lincoln loves his fishing vest that says "Fishing with Grandpa."

Our congregation did a trunk or treat for the first time this year and Seth decorated his Bronco like a spooky jungle. He even got dry ice to come out of it. Needless to say he won the trophy for best trunk!

Lincoln was Dash this year and Bekah was a Jedi Knight though she made this mask at school and wanted to wear it with her costume so I don't know what that makes her now.

Another friend dressed up like Darth Vader so she fought lightsabers with him and his dad. She loved it.

Poor Lincoln is still recovering at this point from his tonsils getting cut out.

Slimy pumpkin carving!

Seth put up a nice cobweb for Halloween.

The kids got to met Alex the Lion at the Gaylord Hotel. They also got a nice picture taken with Po from Kung Fu Panda.

Here is Po's palace.

And here is Shrek and Fiona's home at the Gaylord.

We went last weekend to a Christmas festival in some little town. The kids got these reindeer hats and got to walk in a little parade with Santa.

The first of many pictures with Santa I'm sure. Christmas is coming!

And lastly I found this picture on my camera. Somebody got to it and took a cute picture of their toes. Perhaps to tease Amma Sue with her piggies! Come and get them Amma!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Festivals

Its been a little bit but school as now started and fall festivals are beginning to pop up over Nashville. We hit two of them today. One had a parade with it and the other was at an old log cabin complete with an Abraham Lincoln. But first I have a few more summer pictures. Seth found a cool splash pool for little kids just a couple minutes away.

The first festival had a parade. I find it humorous that they will have a parade for some random fall festival but they don't have one for the Fourth of July.

The kids are plugging their ears from the noisy police and fire trucks coming up.

We did not come prepared for candy but luckily Daddy was wearing his hat and thought to use that as a bowl.

A fall festival wouldn't be complete without the bouncy house.

The next festival was smaller and at a old log cabin. Lincoln is washing some clothes the old fashioned way.

Some confederate soldiers shot off some guns.

And the kids got to ride a train.

Daddy squeezed into that thing pretty well.

This was one real looking Abraham Lincoln. He said he is actually three inches taller than the President. Lincoln had fun seeing him.
A fun start to the fall festivals!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murfreesboro to Memphis

I can't believe that summer is over, well summer in the sense of kids being out of school. Both my little ones have started school again. But we had a great summer! The first of the pictures are from our trips down to Murfreesboro where Lincoln had summer camp everyday for a whole week. The last day we took Bekah around to see the fun things to do down there before we went to Lincolns graduation.

Our first stop was Stones River battlefield. It was a huge battle site during the Civil War. And now it is a nice field to take pictures of butterflies and cannons together.

You can find wild turkeys everywhere here in Tennessee.

We then headed to the Discovery Center for kids.

Daddy is already showing Bekah how to change a tire.

Here is Lincoln at his Campy Enrgy graduation. He loved it! They got to do rock climbing, yoga, kayaking, swimming, dance, and his favorite, karate. Here he is giving a hug to Sara Grace whom he informed us early on he was going to marry.

Here he is with Kelsey one of his counselors.

And Van another awesome counselor.

Seth had an interview with a Chaplain down in Memphis so we decided to spend the night and play around down there.

We went to Peabody Hotel where they have been parading ducks down a red carpet and into their main fountain for decades.

Then we hopped over to Mud Island. Located along the great Mississippi river, it is a little island where they have a smaller scale version of the river the kids can follow.

Bekah wanted to take a picture.

And then Lincoln wanted to take one too.
A cool fountain to play in. Lincoln got completely soaked!
Bekah wouldn't go in with pants on so Seth did some creative cutting and then she had some shorts!

The next day we went to the Memphis Zoo. It was a really awesome zoo.

The Teton Trek was probably the coolest part. But I could be biased as having come from the West.

They had some white wolves.

And some bears that were just having some fun wrestling when we saw them.
Another fountain to play in. Memphis seems to like its fountains.

It started to rain while we were there and we came across this little guy who wanted to be out in the rain but decided to cover up with a rain coat first!

What a great summer and we look forward to new adventures in the fall!