Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murfreesboro to Memphis

I can't believe that summer is over, well summer in the sense of kids being out of school. Both my little ones have started school again. But we had a great summer! The first of the pictures are from our trips down to Murfreesboro where Lincoln had summer camp everyday for a whole week. The last day we took Bekah around to see the fun things to do down there before we went to Lincolns graduation.

Our first stop was Stones River battlefield. It was a huge battle site during the Civil War. And now it is a nice field to take pictures of butterflies and cannons together.

You can find wild turkeys everywhere here in Tennessee.

We then headed to the Discovery Center for kids.

Daddy is already showing Bekah how to change a tire.

Here is Lincoln at his Campy Enrgy graduation. He loved it! They got to do rock climbing, yoga, kayaking, swimming, dance, and his favorite, karate. Here he is giving a hug to Sara Grace whom he informed us early on he was going to marry.

Here he is with Kelsey one of his counselors.

And Van another awesome counselor.

Seth had an interview with a Chaplain down in Memphis so we decided to spend the night and play around down there.

We went to Peabody Hotel where they have been parading ducks down a red carpet and into their main fountain for decades.

Then we hopped over to Mud Island. Located along the great Mississippi river, it is a little island where they have a smaller scale version of the river the kids can follow.

Bekah wanted to take a picture.

And then Lincoln wanted to take one too.
A cool fountain to play in. Lincoln got completely soaked!
Bekah wouldn't go in with pants on so Seth did some creative cutting and then she had some shorts!

The next day we went to the Memphis Zoo. It was a really awesome zoo.

The Teton Trek was probably the coolest part. But I could be biased as having come from the West.

They had some white wolves.

And some bears that were just having some fun wrestling when we saw them.
Another fountain to play in. Memphis seems to like its fountains.

It started to rain while we were there and we came across this little guy who wanted to be out in the rain but decided to cover up with a rain coat first!

What a great summer and we look forward to new adventures in the fall!


Anne said...

I think that last picture says it all!

Janene said...

I'm glad Bekah wanted to take a picture. Finally I get to see a picture of YOU. That is just how it is, being the mom. :o)

Fun family summer times, I love to see it.

Amma Sue said...

I love Bec's hair! and I can't believe Lincoln is engaged again!! That Zoo looks totally awesome. FUN STUFF.

Seth said...


Here's a CAMP ENRGY Video!