Tuesday, February 26, 2013

January in the Desert

We had some fun in January and the weather was very nice and warm. I could get used to living in a desert if it means nice weather like we have been having.

We went down to the Air Museum in Palm Springs and Bekah loved all the planes.

They had fun pretending to fly.

This plane was Bekah's favorite. She liked all the teeth!

We even got to see this guy take off and fly around, it was a beautiful plane!

In the meantime Danny has gotten older and cuter! 

Ella turned 6 years old! We just love our spirited little girl who knows what she wants and is the sweetest sister to her little baby brother!  

In February Seth was promoted to Lieutenant and I got to pin his new rank on him. We are so proud of our Sailor!

Hulk Birthday

While in Utah we had a good time with family and celebrated Lincoln's birthday and Danny's baby blessing.

The kids were so excited to be able to play in some snow.


Daddy blessing our little Danny.

 Lincoln was so excited to have a birthday party with all his cousins. We found him a cool Avengers pinata at the Tamale festival and he loved it.

We had some of his favorite foods, pepperoni pizza and chicken nuggets.

The present opening was the best, I wish I had got it on video. After Lincoln opened every gift he got so excited to the point of screaming and jumping up and down, seriously after every present! 

Anne enjoying her new nephew.

Papa Dan made this awesome Hulk cake for Lincoln. His new favorite show to watch is the old 70s Hulk show! 

The Bryants got a new dog for Christmas after Yosi passed away. This little guy is named Bear. 

After driving through a terrible snow storm half of the way home, we soon went to the beach and enjoyed the warmer weather!

Danny was awake for most of this beach time.

Christmas in Utah

Much has happened since little Danny was born in September. Papa Dan came out to see Danny and we were able to take them to the beach.

Amma fell into one of the tide pools and had to buy a whole new outfit, shoes included! 

Two huge starfish were the stars of these tide pools.

Danny slept through most of his first experience at the beach.

Cute little Danny at a couple months old. 

We took the kids to the Indio Tamale festival. 

One of Danny's favorite things is when his brother and sister play with him. 

Since we were going to be in Utah for Christmas, Santa brought their present a little bit early so they could play with it before headed up North. They love their dune buggy. The first time Lincoln got in to drive he said "Okay let's see what this baby can do." And then he floors it backwards! 

Bekah had her first Christmas program in Kindergarten. 

We had a nice drive to Utah for Christmas and got to see family. Here is Joahna and Danny. 

Brynn and Lexi just loved the new baby and wanted to hold him! They were very good cousins.

All the cousins watching a movie on movie night at the Bloods.