Monday, June 30, 2008

St. George

Here is our second set of pictures featuring our trip to St. George. Seth and I agree that it is most certainly one of the prettiest places in Utah. We had so much fun there with his family and took so many pictures that this is only half and the other half will be posted next time.

This is at the dinosaur museum in St. George. Link is looking for footprints.

Here is Link pretending to be a dinosaur. What dinosaur exactly I can't say, maybe a cross between a pterodactyl and a T-Rex.

I love this picture of Link holding Amma and Papa's hands while walking into the rocks.

Good thing Link is holding the rock up!

Seth found a nice hole in the rock that was Linky-size!

I am ending this segment of pictures on Papa's feet. We went the whole day without noticing that he had accidentally put on two different pairs of shoes!

Next time, Valley of Fire.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Utah Visited

Well, we finally made it back from our two month stay in Utah. We had a lot of fun and lots of pictures to post. So we will be posting them a little at a time, every so often. Enjoy the first installment of our time back into the Zion Curtain.

We got out the four-wheelers and the kids had fun driving around the yard.

Here is Link with his cousins Lexi and Brynn at Riley's soccer game, eating moms licorice of course. She never goes anywhere without it!

Here is Link and Papa eating outside together. They are the best of buds.

Link and Ella sharing some nachos.

Aunt Annie blowing bubbles for Becca

Becca trying to blow the bubbles herself. She gets it about half of the time.

Well, that is the first installment of the pictures. Next installment will start with our trip to St. George with Papa Dan, Amma Sue and Annie. Sorry its taken so long to post, but we were having too much fun in Utah to stop! Until next time!