Friday, September 24, 2010

Floating Mills

Over Labor Day we took a camping trip to Center Hill Lake, Floating Mills campground. Seth and I had stayed here one night about a month after we were married traveling on our way to Fort Eustis Virginia. We thought it was so beautiful and hoped we could come back someday. Ironic how we now only live an hour away from that campground 7 years later.

It was a lot of fun to camp there and the kids loved it of course. They had the lake, hiking, and a very nice beach to go swimming in. What more could any kid want?

Bekah even caught her very own fish! I didn't have the camera with me of course so I missed the good shot.

The next day Lincoln caught his own fish!

Bekah really liked fishing, guess that means daddy finally has a fishing buddy now.

One morning the fog rolled in and made the lake eerily beautiful.

Lincoln searching for something.

Oh, its a nice wet log!

Linc is excited about something, can't remember what though.

Our little hike.

Lincoln wanted to attempt taking a picture all by himself and this is the result. Not bad.

Then Bekah had to have her turn taking a picture.

That was our great camping trip. A couple weeks later we took the kids to the State Fair. Here Ella is showing the finger where the chicken bit her!

We ran into some fun clowns that made the kids balloon hats.

They had a fun petting zoo.

September turned out to be a fun month and we look forward to the nice cool weather of fall!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playground Fun

We finally did it! Seth found a playground on Craigslist for really cheap and we bought it! It is the best buy we have made. The kids come home from school and instead of wanting to watch T.V., they go straight outside and play. The seem to like the swings the best. Anyone out there thinking of getting a playground, definitely get one from Craigslist!

The nice climbing wall.

Isn't that so cute!

Even cuter.

Teaching Maggie to sit before getting a treat.

Then praise for doing what she asked. Such a good dog trainer.

This is what they do for hours at a time.

They occasionally go down the slide too.

It is so great to have this for the kids. When Seth took them to look at it the first time, they played on it and then Seth asked Linc if he wanted to bring it home, he got so excited he peed his pants! Oh the simple joys of youth!