Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Happy Boy

While getting ready for the eventual move to Japan, I was going through some old pictures of Lincoln. I have to say he was the happiest and silliest baby! Just thought I would share some of the cute pictures and the silly things he would do as a baby.

One of Lincolns favorite things to do when he was little was pull out all the pots and pans and then climb in the bottom drawer of the oven.

And not only would he pull out all my kitchen stuff but loved to sit in the George Foreman grill!

Lincoln would love to lay down with Teton and look outside with him.

He also loved and still loves to feed the dogs good food like fries and steak!

He loved to give hugs to everyone and luckily still keeps that up today.

Lincoln was always doing something funny with his clothes, whether that was putting pants on his head, Amma's clothes on, or daddy's ties around his neck.

He also loves playing with his cousins, or using them to lay on!

My boy is the happiest little guy there ever was!

You just can't beat his smiling face.

We love you Lincoln!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Our congregation opted to include a Christmas Eve service and Seth helped put it together. It was of course incredible and never having attended a Christmas Eve service before, I would have to say it was great to really get in the right spirit of things.

Here we are getting ready to head to the service.

Amma's yearly pajamas for the kids.

A quick humorous story about Bekah on Christmas Eve. Seth had showed them on T.V. the Santa tracker. When Bekah saw that Santa was getting close to America he then told her that they had to go to bed or Santa wouldn't be able to come. That little girl shot into the bathroom brushed her teeth so quick and then threw down the toothbrush and running into her bedroom to go to sleep! I had to go in and tell her she still needed to go potty. She started to cry and said that she wouldn't have time because Santa was coming soon and she needed to hurry and go to sleep so he wouldn't miss her. So she did that quickly, rejected reading a book, and just closed her eyes and went to sleep! It was hilarious. If only Santa could be threatened to come every night for such an easy bedtime!

They found Melman and Marty peaking out of their stockings Christmas morning.

All the kids wanted was Toy Story toys for Christmas this year.

Due to Seth having to be gone for training as a Navy Chaplain we celebrated Lincoln and Bekah's birthday's early so Seth could be there.

2011 was a good year. Seth finished school at Vanderbilt, commissioned as a Chaplain in the Navy, and we will be headed to Japan in April for three years. Bekah has enjoyed pre-school and Lincoln got to go to a great camp for kids with disabilities over the summer. Amma and Aunt Annie got to stay with us for a little while and though the year was saddened by the loss of my mother, we did get to go and see all our family in Utah. So here is to a great 2011 and a hopeful 2012 full of changes and new adventures!