Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Festivals

Its been a little bit but school as now started and fall festivals are beginning to pop up over Nashville. We hit two of them today. One had a parade with it and the other was at an old log cabin complete with an Abraham Lincoln. But first I have a few more summer pictures. Seth found a cool splash pool for little kids just a couple minutes away.

The first festival had a parade. I find it humorous that they will have a parade for some random fall festival but they don't have one for the Fourth of July.

The kids are plugging their ears from the noisy police and fire trucks coming up.

We did not come prepared for candy but luckily Daddy was wearing his hat and thought to use that as a bowl.

A fall festival wouldn't be complete without the bouncy house.

The next festival was smaller and at a old log cabin. Lincoln is washing some clothes the old fashioned way.

Some confederate soldiers shot off some guns.

And the kids got to ride a train.

Daddy squeezed into that thing pretty well.

This was one real looking Abraham Lincoln. He said he is actually three inches taller than the President. Lincoln had fun seeing him.
A fun start to the fall festivals!

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