Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Fall Fun!

Here we have some pictures from October Fest 2011. It is, despite the beer associations, a great place for the kids to play. They always have free bouncy houses and pony rides. Yes, free! I guess they make all their money from the beer so they can do all the kid stuff for free. Either way its a win win for my kids.

They also got to see their hero SpongeBob SquarePants. Seems a little deflated though, somebody should probably get him some water.

Lincoln has four teeth out so he bought some ice cream with his Tooth Fairy money.

Amma Sue and Papa Dan sent the kids some fun clothes. Bekah likes to be camouflaged with her jacket.

And Lincoln loves his fishing vest that says "Fishing with Grandpa."

Our congregation did a trunk or treat for the first time this year and Seth decorated his Bronco like a spooky jungle. He even got dry ice to come out of it. Needless to say he won the trophy for best trunk!

Lincoln was Dash this year and Bekah was a Jedi Knight though she made this mask at school and wanted to wear it with her costume so I don't know what that makes her now.

Another friend dressed up like Darth Vader so she fought lightsabers with him and his dad. She loved it.

Poor Lincoln is still recovering at this point from his tonsils getting cut out.

Slimy pumpkin carving!

Seth put up a nice cobweb for Halloween.

The kids got to met Alex the Lion at the Gaylord Hotel. They also got a nice picture taken with Po from Kung Fu Panda.

Here is Po's palace.

And here is Shrek and Fiona's home at the Gaylord.

We went last weekend to a Christmas festival in some little town. The kids got these reindeer hats and got to walk in a little parade with Santa.

The first of many pictures with Santa I'm sure. Christmas is coming!

And lastly I found this picture on my camera. Somebody got to it and took a cute picture of their toes. Perhaps to tease Amma Sue with her piggies! Come and get them Amma!


Anne said...

I love their halloween costumes! It is so cute to see Lincoln toothless! Wow they really go all out at the hotel! We miss your cute kids!

American Pinay said...

Love their costumes!Miss you guys!