Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Madagascar

I thought I had lost my camera after we went to Ice Merry Madagascar. I was so sad and looked everywhere. Then today I was getting out of the car and found it between the seat and the door! I was so excited! So here are the pictures from Ice!

These are the big coats we had to wear and Bekah was not happy about how cold it was.

The Ice was amazing! All of these sculptures are made completely out of blocks of ice. Pretty cool.

Bekah was still really cold and wouldn't look up for the picture.

Lincoln loved it all!

Here are the awesome slides made out of......wait for it..... Ice! In the back there is Lincoln going down first.

We finally talked Bekah into going and she ended up loving it.

And of course the last scene is the manager. It is just so beautiful and so cold!


The Steenblog Fam said...

Looks so much fun! Your kiddos are so dang cute. Are you guys coming out west for the holidays or anytime soon? Would love to see ya:)

Anne said...

Woo! That looks cold but Awesome!! Tell Linc he did a good impression of a penguin in that first pic.