Thursday, July 14, 2011


We had some good fun this past 4th of July! I took the kids and we bought a slip n slide, a bag of fireworks and some crazy sprinklers. Here are the pictures.

Bekah didn't want to slide so she started out crawling under the water!

Then she finally did some sliding on her knees.

Lincoln knew what to do!

Apparently you are never to old to slip n' slide! Though you may just end up with a lot of bruises after.

Annie made a great splash!

Stomping on the snappers.

Annie was the designated firework lighter as Seth was out of town. Despite these faces the kids loved them!

Another great 4th of July, though I have discovered that Tennessee doesn't do parades on the 4th. Coming from Utah where we have two parades in July it seems rather odd but I guess if you have never had one, you don't know what you are missing. They do have a Christmas parade here though. That would never work in Utah unless the floats were pulled by dogsleds. Actually that would be an awesome parade!

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Anne said...

That would be an awesome parade with dog sleds, snowmobiles,and instead of walking to the parade coming in on skis! Trevor wants a cars slip n' slide now!