Sunday, July 6, 2008

Valley of Fire

Here is the second part to our St. George trip, featuring the Valley of Fire in Nevada. We never made it into the heart of the Valley so the pictures don't do the place the justice it deserves. It really does look like the whole place is on fire, the rocks are so red. It was beautiful.

This is the Elephant rock. Let me know if you can't figure out why.

Link and Ella loved climbing all the rocks and into the little caves.

The state flower.

And the last picture of the day is Ella in the dog kennel with Yosi. She loves dogs and loved following him everywhere, including into his dog house.
Next time we move up to Layton Utah for pictures with my family.


Sarah said...

It was fun to see you guys while you were here! Zion Curtain...that's really clever ;).

Tom and Alison said...

Well, Seth is a clever lever. I seriously wanted to set that photo of Ella and the dog as my background at work. Anyway, I'll have the video of our get-togethers up on our blog soon enough.