Friday, July 18, 2008


Here is pictures from our trip to Yuba. If you are like me and have never heard of Yuba, it's in Utah and it's muddy.

Here is the result, a muddy little girl. We couldn't keep her away from the mud for nothing, so we just let her go and we'd wash her in the lake after.

Seth is starting Lincoln early on the fishing! He loves it!

Here is all of them fishing, or watching others fish.

Beautiful Mike and his umbrella! You look darling!

Never knew an empty beer bottle was so much fun did ya? Becca carried it around forever pouring sand into it. Guess we know what to get her for Christmas!

Doesn't she just look so cute in Amma's hat?
And of course we have to end with Ella and her love for dogs. She would sit there and feed them as long as they would let her.

Next time (yes there are still more) will feature our last BBQ with Seth's family. I"m sure you can't wait!


The Howick Family said...

you're right, we can't wait! ;) the beer bottle looked like fun, miss ella!

Tom and Alison said...
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Tom and Alison said...

3:10 to Yuba! oh wait, or was that Yuka? Whatever, anyway it looked like a lot of fun. I hope Link didn't get too bored fishing, the only fun part about fishing is driving home. Hah, I know I blaspheme in the ears of the Bryants. Give us a call sometime.

I messed up on the last vomment - oh I mean comment - see!