Monday, July 14, 2008

The Last Dance

Here is the second and last batch from up north with my (jenn) family.

Lincoln's other favorite thing to do is dance with Lexi and Brynn! Of course that would usually end up in him pulling them down to the floor and some more wrestling would ensue.

They also like playing on Anne and Jason's piano.

Link, Ella, and their cousins had made these hats one day and Becca preferred wearing it around her neck all day. She loved Grandma's garden and all the cool rocks to throw!

Of course, everytime I take a picture of Becca, Link has to have his picture taken too, so here he is posing for us in all his glory.

Again, the hat around the neck and the lovely badminton racket she like to carry around. What a girl!

Here is cute Abbie-Joy-Joy! We went and saw Janet and Tyler before we left.
And here is all of them. I am taking the picture. I would much rather take the pictures then be in them!
That was our trip up to Layton and my family. I had planned on taking pictures of everyone when we went to Mom's for the last time but of course I forgot. So sorry that there isn't any pictures of Anne, Jason, Papa John, Grandma Joyce, Nate and Drew N' Joahnna. Next time! We love you guys and had a great time seeing you.

Next set is our trip to Yuba with Seth's family.


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Tom and Alison said...

It looks like you guys had a good time. Next time you're out this way we should hang out more then once! -Tom