Sunday, November 22, 2009

Linc's Bed

For Lincolns birthday and christmas present, Papa and Amma Bryant got him a new bed! He loves it and now sleeps better than ever. Seriously he was getting up at 5:30 in the morning and once he got the new big bed he hasn't got up that early since. It would also help if they didn't do daylight savings, that always throws their sleeping schedule off.

Here is his McQueen bed.

My mom asked why I didn't have anything new on the blog and I said it was because we didn't do anything crazy this weekend besides stain our deck (which doesn't make for very exciting pictures). She said to just take pictures of the kiddos playing. So these are for you mom!

Here they are playing together in their room.

Crazy Lincoln face!

Linc and Bekah like to jump on his bed.

Bekah dressed for church.

Dancing with daddy.

We also woke up this morning to deer in our backyard.

That is all she wrote. Happy Thanksgiving this week to everyone.

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