Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Creek Falls

We drove to Fall Creek Falls last weekend and had a great time driving through the beautiful winding, fall colored roads. Nothing says fall like Tennessee!

Fall Creek Falls.

We hiked down the very rocky trail to the bottom of the falls. Linc did so well walking down the trail. He only needed to be carried about half the time. That is good for him!
Bekah required more holding.
Here you can see how steep and rocky the trail was.

Finally made it to the bottom.

Looking up the falls.

There was a lot of mist in the air from the water so we found Linc like this.
And here is his Alex the Lion impression. Up happy, down sad.

Hiking back up.

And a good rest at the top.

As we left a fine fog was seeping over the forest. So pretty.

Bekah likes to wear her glasses upside down for some reason.

I found Linc the other day like this!!! He had gotten into a box of princess dress-up clothes a friend from church had given Bekah! So cute Linc! I love that he still maintains some of his manliness by having his shirt off!


Anne said...

Jenn, you are not supposed to keep tempting me like that!!! I wish I could have gone on the fun drive and hike to the falls! How long was the hike down? If Jason can get his game to be successful I am just going to have to come out there one of these days!

Jenn said...

You should come out! The hike down wasn't very long but it was steep and rocky so we had to take it slow. Probably got down there in 20 minutes or so.