Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Line in the Sand

I decided to moderate incoming comments, and what I found was that my email was being flooded with hate-filled messages, by people we had thought were are friends.

And, although not as many, we received many messages of love and support from family and friends who reached out to us no matter what. It is in unusual times that true friendship and love is tested.

At some point in all of this, it occurred to us that those who were only our friends due to a common association (i.e. the LDS Church) were never our friends at all; it also occurred to us that these "friends" had no other way to attack our family, our faith, and our peace except through this blog--while those who have loved us unconditionally have many avenues to reach us.

And so what was the point of keeping the blog? If you want to voice your opinion about how outraged you are over our new-found faith, I'm in no way limiting your ability to do so: go and voice your opinion.

We understand that we don't fit within many of your world views, and are in fact threatening to it. What are you afraid of? We're not afraid of you, but are only encouraged in our decision by your words devoid of love and compassion, or the Spirit of Christ. Our vision of Christ's love was expanded and we were prompted to embrace it.

I (Seth) have never claimed to be perfect. But I do know perfectly that Christ loves me, and that's enough, come angry Mormons or high water. And to the rest of you, much love. Call us, stop by, or email sometime.

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