Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome Home

We finally made it! We have unpacked almost everything and are finally settling down to our life here in Nashville. The kids favorite part about the new house is the deck outside where they can play all day with their squirt bottles! My favorite part is the gate that keeps the kids on the deck! Here are some pictures of the house. This first picture was actually taken during the time that I locked the kids and I out of the house right when the Orkin man came to spray it all for bugs! Seth was running an errand and we had to wait for him to get home!!

Here is the great deck and the great squirt bottles, and yes Becca is spraying her face.

Our nice backyard that slopes into some really great woods so we can't even see the neighbors behind us!

Grandma Sue sent the kids a house warming package and in it were these cool hats! Becca of course always wears her hat backwards cuz that is the way that aunt Annie taught her! So cute.

This was a night at a hotel on our way up here. Becca fell off the bed and hit her head on the end table in between. Of course it was nailed down as well as the bed so we couldn't move them. Needless to say it looks worse then it was. Once Seth cleaned her up, it was only one little cut on her nose!

I told my mom that I would send pictures of the kids in the cute Easter outfits she sent them. She got the perfect dress for Becca, one that she doesn't scream in when I put it on.

And of course Link has to make a face.

Before we left we got some pictures of Link with his therapists. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera on the day he had therapy with Miss Donna and Miss Ivonne so they are missing but a big thanks for them for all they did with Link!

Here is Miss Ali and Miss Katie.

Miss Ali was one of his Occupational Therapists.

Miss Katie was his Speech Therapist. Link is kissing her cuz the Little Mermaid song Kiss the Girl is playing in the background!
They threw a party for Link and Becca got to come and she wore the hat that Link wouldn't, and made the candy caterpillar that Link wouldn't, and ate the green frosting that Link wouldn't.

Next time I will post the pictures from the congregation party we had and when we stayed at Ken and Cindy's house until we came up here! Until then we are happy homeowners and loving Nashville!!


Anonymous said...

Cute house Jenn! So glad you are settled in, that must be a relief! And cute shirt from Target! I also got Abbie the blue shirt as well. Can we come visit?

American Pinay said...

Nice House Jenn!Miss you guys!!

Jenn said...

yes please come and visit!!! We have a nice futon for people to sleep on!! Ha! You guys are welcome anytime! Becca just as the coral shirt. I just love their clothes cuz they are cheap and cute!

Anne said...

You're alive!! It has been awhile since we've heard from you! Isn't it great being a home owner? You can paint, plant, and yes even dent the walls! I am glad you guys are settling in. I look forward to all the blogs about the new places you will explore! Glad your back online! Love ya!

The Howick Family said...

super cute house! LOVE it! Love the pics of the kids too, even the bloody face. Poor girl! ;)

The Steenblog Fam said...

hey guys- love the house!! We were so happy to hear that things are going great for you. Your kids are so grown up-it makes me feel old!! Keep us posted on the Nashville. We would love to hear from you. xoxo Nate, Er, and Kiddos