Monday, October 11, 2010

Oktober Fest

Last weekend was Oktober Fest in Nashville's own Germantown Historic District. Didn't even know there was one until now! It was a lot of fun especially as it was all free! They had a lot of fun stuff for the kids, like this huge blow up slide.

It was quite the climb.

Once Linc made it to the top, he was too scared to slide down. Finally some girls coaxed him down.

He wanted to go again but this time with Daddy.

They even had pony rides there, and for free! Sure beats paying, like at the fair!

Then they got to color their own puzzles.

Lincoln is getting better at taking pictures.

This is Bekah's attempt at taking a picture.

A beautiful Catholic church there in Germantown.

They had a ton of these blow-up things for the kids.

I can't remember the last time Bekah took a nap! We must really have worn her out to have her fall asleep so quickly and in such an awkward position!

Oktober Fest was awesome and definitely a keeper for next year!

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