Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring and Beyond

I couldn't figure out how to publish this under my name, so despite what it says at the bottom, Seth is not writing this but I am.

It has been a long time since I have updated the blog. One reason being that my mom passed away in March and I just haven't known what to say about it. She was ready to go and wanted to find relief from all her pain and illness. I'm glad she was able to reach that end after all those years of suffering. We will all miss her and love her dearly and so I continue this blog in her honor as she was one of our biggest followers!

A lot has happened since then so try to keep up!

I thought this was cute of the kids sitting on their balls and looking out the window.

Bekah has discovered the bike this spring and loves to go riding with her daddy.

We got to see all the cousins when we were out for my mothers funeral. Here they are playing with cute Creighton.
Such a ham.

They are all gathered around something interesting.

Finally snagged a picture of my wonderful sisters.

Back in Tennessee we took a little hike around a lake that I don't remember the name of. And of course Bekah has found a nice walking stick.

And Lincoln is trying to make a fire with his sticks.

The nameless lake.

Then came Easter and the East Egg Hunt for the Down Syndrome Foundation.

Despite the mad face, Bekah was the one that wanted to wait in line for a picture with the Easter Bunny.

They made out with more candy than at Halloween!

So we found that a cat was popping in the kids' sandbox so Seth set out to make a cover. And this is what he created. I am always amazed at his skill and ingenuity.

Not only does it fold down as a cover, but it folds up into a bench for the kids to sit on! How cool!

That is all I got for now, but I'm sure more pictures and good summer times are just around the next blog.


Jen Howick said...

Jenn! I'm sad to hear about your mom! I hope you are doing ok. email me sometime! ;)

Anne said...

You reminded me that I need to get back on the blog wagon! Awesome cover\bench that Seth made!

Seth said...

That bench is awesome!