Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South Carolina

We went down to South Carolina to see Seth during President's Day weekend. We did lots of fun things though I forgot the camera on some of them. Saturday we went to the zoo.

There were actually hyena's at the zoo which you don't see that often.

Cutest Koala Bear ever! They look all snuggly and fun to play with but apparently they are quite indifferent to their human caretakers.

The kids got to feed the giraffes some lettuce. They were pretty funny giraffes and the kids had a great time feeding them and watching their long tongues try and search for food.

Sharing a nice slurpee.

That night we took the kids to a live kids play called "Pinkalicious" after the storybook. It was their first live play and they absolutely loved it! The next day we went to the science center and had fun there.

Bekah made a nice igloo home for those penguins.

It was a fun weekend and we were all just so happy to be with Seth again! The kids wanted to stay and live there with him but alas we had to get home. But we only have one more week and then we are packed and ready for South Carolina again where Seth will graduate and we will begin the drive to Utah and then to our new home in California! See you soon!

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