Friday, May 11, 2012

Joshua Tree

We have gone hiking in Joshua Tree National Park several times now and here are some pictures from those as well as our trip to Saltoan Sea, the biggest lake in California that unfortunately is also almost as salty as the Salt Lake. As a consequence there were dead fish everywhere though Seth still caught some live ones!

The infamous Joshua Tree that is really just an overgrown type of Yucca!

Some nice desert cactus flowers

Some cowboys built this dam to create a little watering hole for their cattle and horses way back when.

And here is a trough they built too. Pretty cool!

Most of the park looks like this, with just miles of Joshua Trees. 

Nice sunbathing lizard. 

Here we are at the Saltoan Sea. The beach was really made up of tiny seashells and tiny fish bones. Not for walking on without shoes!

We bought the kids a little Camelbak so that they could have some water of their own while hiking.

And this big guy is in the iguana family. 

And finally we have some cool Native American petroglyphs. 
Joshua Tree is quite a fun place to live.

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Anne said...

Riley would love all those lizards! Sure looks hot though!