Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Activites

We have stayed busy in June and now July. Seth's parents came down to visit and we had fun showing them around. Here is an old western set that was built for the old western shows back in the day.

Another weekend we took the trip up to Big Bear Lake. It was beautiful and fun to get out of the desert for awhile into cooler air and big trees!

All three of them fishing together!

So far for July Seth bought the kids a styrofoam plane we flew, and then we took the Palm Springs tram up the mountain.

The mountain in the background is the one that the tram climbs!

Here is a look at the heights we are climbing! It was a little bit scary!

Every time we cross a bridge Lincoln has to get down and act out Donkey in Shrek!

Such sweet kids!!

This fat squirrel thought that Bekah's toy was food.

Lincoln took this picture hence why it is a little bit crooked. He also now tells people to smile and say "Cheese Poop!" Don't ask me why!
So far summer has been a lot of fun and its not over yet!

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Anne said...

I love the pic of them holding hands! So cute!!