Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it Igor?

Lincolns ability to look like other characters keeps growing. Check out his latest impersonation.

One of Linc's favorite things to do is jump off of the couch. But then again what kid doesn't like to jump off the couch.

Link is showing off his cool dance moves and the McQueen swim trunks that Amma Sue sent him. The minute he saw them he ripped off his pants and put them on. He wore them all day and even in the bathtub during bath time! Probably would have worn them to bed if they hadn't been so wet!

Linc wanted to take a picture of us together!

Here is Becca in the dress that Amma sent her! Such a cute model!


The Steenblog Fam said...

Hey Guys_ It is so fun to hear from you! Linc made me laugh outloud with his IGOR act. That is so funny. It sounds like things are going well in Florida. And, contrary to what we had heard..Our fall weather has been unbelievably beautiful. It was almost 80 today and the forecast looks great. When the ice storms hit I may take a drive south for a few days. Love ya-Er and Nate

The Prices!! . said...

So cute, and Jenn you are beautiful!

Sarah said...

Both your kids looks SO grown up in these pictures! When are you guys coming to Utah again?

Stewart Family said...

Have you guys seen IGOR. Lincoln in hilarious. It looks like your hands are as full as mine.

Tom and Alison said...

If you guys think raising children is hard, try raising sugar gliders. You have to feed them every night, and clean their cage every week or so. It's at least a 90 minute time investment, EVERY WEEK! I can't wait to have children so I can pass on the responsibility.