Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Little Duck

Lincoln loves to read books. We always go to the library once a week and get books for him to read. We checked out this book the other day about ducks and they look so much like Lincoln and Becca that I would read it to them with their names in place of the ones in the book.

Lincoln has this face that he pulls when he is mad that we always call his duck face. Well here it is!!
Here he is with papa!!

And here is Becca and Lincoln! If they were ducks, this would be them!
Seth reading to his cute little kids.

Aunt Annie and Gramma Sue sent Linc and Ella cute fall clothes and they modeled them so Annie and Amma can see how cute they are.


The Howick Family said...

that's so cute! I totally do see the resemblance! ;) Your kids are adorable.. it's so fun to keep up via blogs. yea for blogs!

Tom and Alison said...

We loved how Lincoln looked surprised in most of his photos. Nice photos.

Love Tom and Ali