Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Silver Springs

We went to Silver Springs last weekend. Unbeknownst to us, it was the Chevy Car Show. We have never seen so many cars in one place. Beats even the SouthTowne Expo car show in Sandy. Seth had fun looking at all the cars and trucks. The kids liked the jeep ride into the swamp, the giraffe, little zoo, alligators and merry-go-round!

Here are their famous glass bottom boats. Since the river is really a spring, you can see to the bottom quite easily! Its really cool to see all the fish swim under your feet.

As soon as Linc saw this truck he says, "That's Papas truck!" Except Papa's is blue and white. This ones for you kid!
This one is also for Papa! He had this same car back in the day!

Becca will not ride on the animals on the merry-go-round! She gets scared to sit on them or something, so she rides with daddy on the seat instead. Silly girl!
The kids were exited to see Bambi there.

Of course Lincolns favorite was Donkey! Anything to do with Shrek!
This was their favorite ride and part of the park!


House of Mellor said...

Seth, My kids would of loved your weekend...what a fun time. Glass bottom boats sounds really cool. My Little L isn't a fan of merry go rounds either.
Cousin Emily

Tom and Alison said...

Hey guys, cute pics. as always. Those are some awesome cars, it seems like linc's going to be a car guy when he grows up. Also, we love the shot of becca on her daddy's lap on the merry-go-round, so cute. Miss you and hope to see eachother/talk soon.
By the way, we're glad you like the sexy shot of David Boreanaz in the tub, as you know Tom does as well. And to answer your questions, yes, Tom has that picture as his screen saver on both our home computer and on his work computer at his new job. And, I guess I should be a little jealous, but for some strange reason I'm not really. hehe.

Ali & Tom