Saturday, November 1, 2008


Let us start out with the beginning of the day for Daddy. Seth got to go fishing with some friends down the Waccasassa River which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, the water was too low for them to enter the gulf, so they floated the river several times. They had a lot of fun and caught lots of fish. Seth hooked into a huge alligator gar, which you can see from the images can be monstrous!! It put up a hard fight, and eventually shredded the dead, 12" fish he was using as bait and rolled off the hook. That is the kind of fishing that he lives for! He had a great day and brought home some of the fish for us to eat for dinner.

The bigger fish is a sea trout, and the smaller one a white drum. The white drum was still drumming when he was cleaning it. Pretty weird.
Seth wanted his dad to see the teeth on the sea trout. Its a little fuzzy but you can still see how big that sucker is. It was biting Seth as he was holding it for the above pictures, even though it was dead!! Nasty thing, though quite tasty.
Then we were going to carve pumpkins with the kids but decided it would be more fun for them to color them rather than watch us carve.

The kids and Seth got into their costumes and off we went trick or treating. Seth is Buster from Arrested Development. He made his prosthetic hook from a coat hanger. He later went to a religion graduate student Halloween party, and celebrated the defense of his thesis.
Here is the first door! We went to Ken and Cindy's house first.
The kids had a lot of fun Trick-or-Treating. After a few houses Becca started to get it. At first she just kept trying to hold the candy, then she learned to put it in her bucket. We went to Papa Athol and Grandma Dee's house for a party and to trick or treat in their neighborhood. These surrogate grandparents both came with us trick or treating and near the end Becca's bucket was pretty heavy but she wouldn't let anyone carry it. So I had the bright idea of carrying her. Well I picked her up and immediately she says "no, down, down." So I put her back down and she let go of my hand and took Papa Athol's hand the rest of the way, still dragging her bucket behind her! Silly girl!
We went back to Athol and Dee's house and ate desserts while Link and Ella had lots of fun playing with Guillermo. Link would hit him on his hand with his sword and Guillermo would pretend to cry and Ella would laugh at him.
Here is Guillermo and Erika's gorgeous baby, Grace! The kids loved playing with her, especially when she would grab their hair!
A few days ago, in preparation for Halloween, Becca began pretending to be a ghost. She would walk around, running into things, and falling down. Instead of crying, she was laughing uncontrollably--and would get up and do it over and over again. She gave herself a shiner in the process, but didn't seem to care! Here she is falling onto something soft! I tried to convince her to only fall on soft things, but it wasn't as fun.
It was a great Halloween; the kids were exhausted and happy!
Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


House of Mellor said...

Good grief that fish has a huge mouth! Cute shots of your kids. Glad you had a great Halloween.
Cousin Em

Tom and Alison said...

Just ask Seth, diving into soft things just doesn't cut it sometimes... Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great Halloween. Seth: congrats on the thesis defense, although I'm still waiting for a copy of it! And nice costume, Alison and I love Arrested Development! It's a shame that it was cancelled. Anyways, we hope to see you all soon-we miss you guys.

Tom and Ali

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys had a great Halloween! Abbie had fun, but didn't quite get it. She was done with her costume by the end of the night.

Stewart Family said...

Fun day, we had fun too. Bethany got the hang of trick or treating quickly. She would grab a whole handful and put it in her bucket and still go back for more.

The Steenblog Fam said...

Great pics, we miss those munchkins so much! Annie was confused about why the first few trick-or-treaters that came to our house didn't give HER any candy. The big jerks. Nice fish seth, we're glad the gators didn't get you. Love you guys,