Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bubbles and Bucket Heads

The kids new thing is to play with their sand buckets in the bath, and of course it would lead to putting them on their head!

Link got some bubbles at his Speech Therapy and the kids loved playing with them. Just look at the excitement on their faces!

Here is Link talking on the phone with Papa.

Becca has been teething her back molars and as a result hasn't been very happy lately. When we have to drive Link or Daddy to school, she will start to cry and cry. All I have to do to get her to stop is to turn on Josh Groban! The minute she hears it, she stops crying instantly! What would the world be like without his sultry, baby-calming voice. I don't know and I don't want to find out.

And lastly in this random blog of pictures and thoughts, Grandma Joyce sent Link and Ella the Shrek the Halls Christmas DVD and they just love it and watch it everyday! Thanks mom!
Happy Holidays!!!


House of Mellor said...

I saw that Shrek Christmas at my parents on Sunday. The part when the gingerbread man shares his Christmas fear of Santa made me laugh so hard I am still laughing.

Seth said...

Yeah though I don't think Link liked it. He is afraid of Santa as it is and that doesn't really help the image of a nice, present-giving, happy Santa! Oh well.
Jenn Bryant