Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Beach

The day before Thanksgiving we took the kids to the beach to play. All week Linc has been asking to go to the beach and we kept telling him it was too cold to go. Well the day was nice and off we went.
We brought some bread to feed the seagulls as Becca is always chasing after them everytime we go. So we brought them to us, and boy did we ever! They were swarming all over! Miraculously, we didn't get any bombings but they would take the bread right out of Ella's hands! She loved it of course! And so did the birds.

Seth brought his fishing pole and Linc's. He loves to fish with his daddy. And Becca loved it too! Now Seth has two fishing buddies!

And here is the Mighty Fisherman himself!
They had a nice big playground on the beach so the kids played there too. One of Lincoln's favorite things to do is climb. So here he is climbing!
Lastly, a classic funny signs picture. The ice cream shop next to the bait shop! Who could ask for anything more.

We had a great Thanksgiving at our friends house! They had good food and nice big yard for the kids to wander around in! Hope you all had a great time too!

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Abbie look a lot like Becca?