Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Florida

Christmas was so much fun this year. Papa, Amma, and Annie came and stayed with us for the holidays! We did lots of fun stuff. The first day we took them over to Cedar Key. Seth and Papa got up early and went fishing. Then we met them there and played at the beach, fed the birds, and played at the park. Unfortunately my batteries in the camera were dead so Sue has all those pictures.
The next day we went to Silver Springs! We took the jeep ride and here is a nice up and close picture of an emu!
Then off to the glass bottom boats! Becca actually enjoyed the ride this time and loved seeing all the fish down below!

Hooray! Link actually sat on Santa's lap!! Annie was right there by his side which helped him have the courage to sit there! And of course he still wanted Kung Fu Panda and Little Mermaid.

Ella didn't have a problem sitting on Santa's lap but all she was interested in was getting the candy cane. Come on Santa give me the candy cane already!

After that good time, we took them another day to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. This is my favorite picture. They are so cute together!

Becca's favorite thing to do is push her own stroller!

Next time will feature Christmas morning and our day trip to St. Augustine!

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House of Mellor said...

That is sweet they came out to see you guys. I agree with you I love the picture with Andrea you can totally see she love her niece.