Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it December?

Here we are Christmas morning. The kids loved all their presents. Link was a pro at opening them but Ella had everyone else open them for her.
Our sweet Annie!
Lincoln opening his Kung Fu Panda! He did a great dance afterwards he was so excited!

Becca playing with the toy that Lexi and Brynn got her! She loves her animals.

And her she is hugging her puppy she picked out at the store. The dog from the Winnie the Pooh cartoon.

On the day after Christmas, we went up to St. Augustine and played on the beach.

As soon as the coast was clear, Ella went for Amma's drink!
Link loves to chase the birds and throw sand at them.
Papa kept saying "Its December 26th" over and over again. He just couldn't believe that he was at the beach in 80 degree weather on Christmas! In Utah it was snowing! Florida does have some advantages!
Link loves the beach! He says in this picture that he is pretending to be a dog.

Ella and her Papa.
She was very very upset when they had to leave and go home. In fact they are both at the front door right now knocking on it and saying, Annie?, Papa? Amma? The kids love their family and we just loved having them come out. In the words of Papa, "That was the best Christmas ever!!" Thanks.


House of Mellor said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Florida definately has its advantages...your cousins freezing right now in Utah and a beach sounds like a way better deal.

The Steenblog Fam said...

Hey Seth and Jen-This is the Steenbliks. Just wanted to let you know that we went private on our blog and needed to make sure we had your correct email address. Would you mind sending it to us? thanks