Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We went this past weekend to Montgomery Bell State Park for some camping fun! We rode the boats again while Daddy caught some fish. We did some swimming and some hiking and some good eating and roasting of marshmallows! The kids had a lot of fun and Bekah walked away with three ticks! They really seemed to like her as no one else had any!

I love this picture of Linc just hanging out in his chair.

The weather was really hot and really humid though not quite as bad as Florida. Luckily it cooled down around midnight so sleeping was tolerable.
Bekah loved all the rocks and dirt to play with!

Linc loved the flashlights!!

Bekah found this cool Gandalf-like stick that she carried around all weekend hitting us in the face when she walked past!

Looks like she is going to cast a spell on us!

Linc and his Curious George fruit snacks or beans as he likes to call them.
Daddy caught a ton of fish while we were on the boat!
This one was very pretty.

Linc wanted me to take a picture of his fish that he caught! An imaginary fish anyway.

Bekah fell asleep in the chair waiting for dinner to cook. She was so exhausted after a full day of playing and swimming!

We also did a little hiking.

And that ends our fun camping trip in Tennessee!


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