Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mammoth Caves

Last saturday we decided to head up to Kentucky to go see Mammoth Caves. It is the longest cave system in the world with 365 miles of caves that have been explored and many more that have yet to be explored and discovered. How could we not go! Lincoln didn't want to go saying that he was scared and telling Seth that Randall from Monsters lived there! But by the end of our walk through, he wanted to keep going and when we got home, he said he was ready to go see more caves.

This is the entrance to the main cave. We didn't take that tour but went down to see the opening anyway.

Getting themselves ready to go into a cave.

Our hike to the River Styx while waiting for our tour to begin. Linc and Becca like to play with the rocks so it took a little longer to get down to the river.

The River Styx, a subterranean river that comes out of the cave.

Our tour started a little bus ride away. It is also a man-made opening so we had to go through this door 26 at a time, all snug together until the door shut behind us and then we could open the other door to get in the cave. Helped with the natural airflow apparently.
I know its a little blurry but I still love this picture of my boys!
This is called the Frozen Niagara.

Becca camera shy? Unbelievable.

So going down into the caves we had to hold the kids because the stairs were very steep and very small. Some of the places we even had to duck down to get through, like here below. But once at the bottom, the way back was nice and wide and easy going.

The kids didn't want to sit for a picture, they wanted to find some rocks or just keep on walking through the cave. They loved it!
Here you can see why they were called Mammoth caves. Nice and big.
That was our fun weekend last Saturday! Its not everyday that you live so close to such a natural wonder. Have to take advantage of going when we can!



Laur said...

why did you say "you hope I don't go thru with it?" about that experiment?
Just wondering...
also, so did the experiment work?

Seth said...

I may have been confusing the experiment with the Gremlins movie:


Anne said...

The boys want to come out and go through those caves. They said they look awesome! It reminded them of the cave at Bear Lake. We will have to come visit!

Jenn said...

Definitely come out and visit! Its only like a three day drive. That's nothing for a family who has driven to North Carolina and back!