Monday, August 24, 2009

Colorado Springs

We stopped at the Campbell's house in Colorado Springs our last night before Utah and had such a great time exploring the town and going a block up the street to the Garden of the Gods.

Hiking in Colorado Springs.

Ken and Cindy.

Here are some deer that like to hang out at their home every morning! Two baby fawns and their mother. They also have some resident skunks but luckily we didn't see those.

Ken and Cindy took us out for some yummy ice cream after the hike!

And the kids got to sit on the cow out front.

A wonderful end to a wonderful day was riding in their convertible through the Garden of the Gods at dusk!

Linc and Bekah just loved it!

It got a little chilly near the end and you can see Linc all bundled up!

It was such a relaxing and fun time to be with Ken and Cindy! And yes we even ended the night with our ritual of Canasta and popcorn! Couldn't have been better.

The next day we drove the last nine hours to Utah!


American Pinay said...

We love your pictures guys!!!

Cindy said...

Happy happy memories! We sure miss you guys. Love you, Cindy

Anne said...

You are right I don't have very many pics on my blog compared to yours! I love the trip across country. You get to enjoy places you've never seen!