Sunday, September 6, 2009

We finally made it to Utah and enjoyed our time there seeing family.

Bekah found the dirt right away and spent most of her time digging holes with Mariah.
This is Mariah.

The dogs were good to let her play with them. Although they wouldn't chase the ball she would throw.

Here they are digging holes together. Mariah found some animal scent and would go crazy digging while Bekah laughed her head off at her.

Linc and Bekah both enjoyed getting Amma all wet.

We took a trip downtown and met Papa John at his work and got some pics on Temple Square.

Aunt Annie and Beks

Linc and Grandma Nowie

Here are our cute cousins.

My beautiful sisters minus Joahna as she hadn't come yet!
Bekah and the boys looking at bugs.

Our other cutie cousin Abbie!

Papa John in his usual role of pushing the kids on the swings.

Just what could they be doing?

Linc and Bekah getting their hair cut by Uncle Mikey.

Bekah didn't really like it but she made it through, it was her first major haircut after all.

Coloring with Amma.

We had so much fun with everyone and Linc and Bekah just didn't want to go home. Who can blame them though.

And then began our long trip back home.

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Anne said...

It looks like they had lots of fun! We enjoyed seeing you! I wish the kids hadn't gotten sick so we could have seen you before you left, but what do you expect with kids, they never cooperate!