Monday, September 21, 2009

Jack Daniel's Distillery

We took a historic tour of the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee. We heard it was a great tour to take and it turned out to be a fun and interesting one.

This was our tour group.

This is where they slowly burn the wood.

Where Jack Daniel lived.

This is the spring that he found to use the fresh, always cool water in his whiskey. He had the choice of being a preacher or going into the whiskey business and you all know what he choose! Prohibition came along and instead of bootlegging, he just registered with the government and kept his business going strong. But the county remains a dry county to this day. None of his whiskey can be sold there. Ironic.

Statue of Jack in the back. He was even shorter than Seth and I!

Black forms all over the vegetation and buildings around the distillery. It is completely harmless they say.

We drove back through the Cumberlands and they are beautiful! Here was a nice rock to climb and have a look.

A fun Saturday and we learned some local history as well! Every state as a wealth of things to discover.


Anne said...

That black stuff on the trees doesn't look harmless. I miss all the trees they have back there!!!

Jenn said...

Yeah it looks suspicious to me too. You would think that it would get in your lungs but apparently not.

Tom and Alison said...

Wow - where have you guys NOT been? your blog is like one long awesome tour of the country!