Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nebraska to St. Louis

Our first break from the three day trip home was at Buffalo Bill Cody's Scout Rest Ranch. It was a very impressive place as should be expected from such a showman as he was.

This was his huge barn for all his animals.
And this was his house.

Love this picture.

Inside in his living room which you can't really see well but there is a gun rack behind Seth's head.

Coming out of a cellar of some sort.

And the man himself, at least a portrait anyway.

And some of you may recognize this device, if not read the next picture below and it will explain.

The eaves of the roof on his barn are in the shape of guns!

And it just wouldn't be Buffalo Bill's ranch without some actual buffalo.

This is what Lincoln does when he refuses to walk any longer.

Our next and last pit stop was at the arch in St. Louis. We didn't have enough time to take the hour long ride inside but they had a museum underground that we checked out.

The Mississippi River.

It was a good trip home and we had a lot of fun along the way! America is a beautiful and diverse place! God Bless America.


Anne said...

I like all the stops you made along the way. I wish Jason would have done that all the times we have driven back and forth. Where was Buffalo Bill's ranch at?

Jenn said...

North Platte is where his ranch is at. Just off of I-70. Yeah the pit stops definitely help break up the monotony and give the kids a chance to run around!