Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Here are some snow pictures. As I write it is snowing again! Good thing it's President's Day or school would have been canceled. We have had more snow days here than ever in Utah!

Linc was really excited to play in the snow. Bekah would have nothing to do with it. Notice Linc's mismatched gloves! We had to scrounge to find gloves and shoes and hats. Living in florida we never needed them and haven't bought any since!

Here comes a snowball for Daddy!

Our Florida girl is safe and warm watching us from inside the house!

This sad face is after Linc got an accidental snowball in the face! Doesn't he look like Ralphie on Christmas Story?!

Then inside for some yummy hot chocolate.

My 30 birthday came and went. Seth was going to cook me some shish-kabobs but the meat turned out to be bad so we decided to eat out. We went to TGI-Friday's and we got about half our food when a fire broke out in the kitchen which was quickly put out and under control but it tripped the electrical wiring and they couldn't cook anymore. So they gave us our meal for free and a coupon to come back again! "It's a Christmas Miracle" Seth said! We had enough food to satisfy us and got the meal for free! It was a great birthday. And to top it all off, my cheesecake I made turned out perfect! Happy Birthday to me.

Last Saturday we took Bekah to a kids hair cutting place called Snip Its. They have T.V's for the them to watch, prizes and candy. We thought Bekah would do okay there seeing as it is her first haircut without Uncle Mikey to do it. Well, the minute she got on the seat she freaked. She wouldn't take her coat off. We had to pull it off. She wouldn't wear the cape so we did without it. She wouldn't sit up straight in her chair so the poor woman had to brush her hair and cut it at an angle and over the seat!! But she got it done and done fast and now Bekah's hair is shorter and better to manage. Here are some pictures of her hair while they are playing with some bubbles.

Such a pretty girl! Maybe next time will go better! Ha!!

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Tom and Alison said...

Hey guys, looks like you're having blast out there! Cute pics!