Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bekah's 3!

Bekah finally turned three yesterday! She has been telling everyone that she is three already so its good that she really is now. We took her to Chuck-E-Cheese and she loved playing all the games and getting all the tickets.

They have a blue screen there that the kids can dance in front of and of course Linc loved it!

Bekah's cake that she helped me make.

Super Why books from Amma.

Fun train set from Grandma Joyce!

Horse carriage from her cousins! Thanks guys!

And her kitty piano!

It even has a microphone to sing into.

Amma, Papa, and Annie also got her Tinkerbell bedding which though hesitant about it at first she now loves it! Annie also got Bekah a Kelly Clarkson CD to sing along with.
Thanks to everyone for the fun presents which she hasn't stopped playing with since she got them! It was a great birthday and now my sweet little girl is three years old!

We Love You Bekah, Happy Birthday!


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Bekah!! It looks like you had a lot of fun on your birthday! I like that she helped make her own cake, that totally sounds like Brynn! Trevor just saw Bekah's pictures and asked who that was!:( How sad he doesn't remember who she is but I know it is hard for them to remember when they were 2yrs,1yr, 6 months old when they last saw each other.

Jenn said...

I know, Bekah says the same thing with Trevor. Maybe we can have them be pen pals when they get older!!